Your Time is of the Essence

A Tribute to my wonderful massage therapist, attentive listener and amazing friend, Danny, who has been so patient with me and my lack of time-management!

Wherever I went today, I got stuck in traffic. I was late for all my appointments, including for my massage. Actually, worse than that, for some reason, I thought my appointment was at 2:30pm but it was scheduled for 3:30pm. Given I have a blackberry, a synchronized calendar with my full agenda and that I showed Danny how to use it, this is so not right!  I called to confirm and told Danny I would be back an hour later. I had an errand to run… I didn’t realize bank tellers can be a tad slow and that  I would end up on my way back smack in the middle of rush hour traffic. Needless to say, I was half an hour late.  The man’s patient to say the least!!

I have to add to this story. Danny knows me through my job and he knows how crazy it can get for me, how I run around all the time and I am number one at not thinking of myself. My appointments with him started when I refused to get a chair massage at the office, a gift our boss, in collaboration with Danny, was offering our team just before the Holidays. I was too stressed to sit down so I took a major fit. Danny didn’t dismiss my behaviour, instead he invited me to see him at a later date at his office where I would be able to relax. Since then, I do not recall ever being on time for my appointments with him… Something always happens. What is wrong with me???

Time Management: Why is this such a big issue for me and so many others out there? I know my cousin’s husband always complains that she is ALWAYS 5 minutes late for EVERYTHING. My brother always has a comment waiting for me when I arrive at a family gathering traditionally 5-15 minutes late. It can become a joke but the reality is it causes discontent, not only for the person who feels cheated but for the person who is late. One feels a lack of respect while the other tries constantly to do right but fails.

There may be many theories to explain this condition but I haven’t found one that provides me with a solution yet.  I have been trying to manage my time for so long; sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. I thought my food intolerances may be the possible cause of some dysfunction but I don’t see a pattern there yet. There is also a theory of a psychological challenge whereas a person has difficulty leaving one task to pass to the next (I tried to look for its name but couldn’t find it). Yet when I am anxious about something, like taking a flight alone with my kids, I can usually manage my time well, how is that? Am I  on time when the object of my effort involves a priority for me, but do I slack when it doesn’t? Whatever the hypothesis, given that my actions affect the people I love and respect around me, my behaviour is not acceptable.

Whatever the reason, valid or not, I propose to tackle the time management issue in The New Happy Me way. I am going to try this myself and see how it works out. Here is my reasoning and my plan:

Going through my day stress-free and happy is now my priority. Seeing people around me just as happy is also very important. Among other things I make conscious decisions about, making sure that my agenda runs smoothly is therefore essential. I have the tools to keep me on-time and I will use them. I may get distracted by work or co-workers, but my time is of the essence, therefore the distractions will have to be limited.  By adding a time buffer, I ensure that I will either have ample travel time or that I will flow stress-free through traffic knowing that I will still make it on time. Knowing that these simple changes in attitude will build a better Happy Me is incentive enough to make the effort as part of the bigger plan to be The New Happy Me all around.

It may sound simplistic, but I think it’s all in how we mold our attitudes, our behaviours, our habits and ultimately our brain to function a certain way. If I consciously make the effort and stick to it, soon that will become my new way and the time management problems will be a thing of the past. I’ll keep you posted on my improvements! AND I promise that I will never be late for an appointment with Danny again! <3


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