Writing about what you see in the Mirror.

Writing about what you see in the Mirror is probably the most difficult thing you will do when you start on the path to Happiness (if you haven’t done this already).

Most often, when you know you need major improvement in your life, you look in the Mirror and you see a person who isn’t what you hoped to see.  Sometimes, you don’t like that person at all. This realization in itself is hard to digest. When you write about it, well… emotions and tears flow.

In the Belly of the Beast: Letters From PrisonI found a quote by Jack Henry Abbott, American criminal and author who committed suicide while in prison, in 2002. If you have some time, check out his story in Wikipedia.  Reading about it will make you feel Gratitude for yours. I wanted to share his words with you: ”I find it painful and angering to look in a mirror.”  A phrase so heavy, it pains me to read it because I know there are so many out there who feel the same way.

I think his thought explains mine very well.

You can’t avoid seeing the truth in the Mirror when you REALLY take a good look at yourself. It is a very good start to discovering your hidden emotions in an effort to deal with them. Abbott chose not to instead. Your decision, since you are reading TheNewHappyMe post, is to work at it! You may feel pain and anger when you look in the Mirror, as did Abbott, but with support and willingness to make a change in your life, you can step out of that life and onto a path of great things ahead!

I suggest you take out your Journal and do this exercise in steps. Look in the Mirror and write what you see. Be very serious about this without being harsh on yourself. This is to help you find what you are looking for in your search for Happiness. It shouldn’t bear you down… it should liberate you. Try it.


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