Would you walk a mile in my shoes?

If I told you all about my life, including the good times and the bad times, the public info and the more intimate stories, about my routine, my work, my business aspirations, my struggles, my worries, what brings me happiness and what still frustrates or upsets me, and everything else that makes me who and what I am…. would you walk a mile in my shoes? I wouldn’t hurry to say yes…

Woman Lifestyle Shoes Stock PhotoIt is so easy to judge me based on what you think you know about me; it is easy to be awed by my accomplishments; it is easy to criticize my actions, my thoughts or my path. Can you say you know me enough to make such statements though?

Can anyone say they really know me?

Can anyone feel what I feel during my more difficult periods when I struggle hard to focus on my kids and to not think of jumping off of bridge to end it all…? Would they want to?

Can anyone really understand the energy that refuels me when I work endless hours on a project that I truly believe in, even though I am already exhausted and I comment about wanting to rest on a facebook post…? Would they do the same?

Can anyone soothe my hidden fears when I am afraid to face them myself…? Would they be courageous enough to face them themselves?

Can anyone honestly rejoice in celebration with me as I move from milestone to milestone when my goal is still so far away? Can anyone tell me that the goal is actually unreachable and not worth working for…? Would they want to persevere in the same way?

Would they walk a mile in my shoes having read this?

Not so sure…

Before judging, envying, criticizing, making a statement about someone, let’s ask ourselves that question: Would I walk a mile in that person’s shoes?



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