Would like to, but I don’t feel I’m ready yet…

So basically it’s not the right time?

What does that mean exactly?

Is this something you sometimes say to yourself, or maybe even in conversation? Does it sound awkward to be saying it? I would really like to do it, but I don’t feel I’m ready yet, I don’t feel it’s the right time…

Usually, if you utter these words, it’s because there is an underlying reason to your stall. There is no such thing as not the right time when you want to try something new or start a project. What there is though is a need for good preparation.

When I started TheNewHappyMe, I had just bought my house, not settled in yet, with a lot of house related things to take care of… remember, I am alone with two kids, so I can’t really share my responsibilities. They’re all my own.  I also have a very time consuming full time employment… Nevertheless, I had this project in mind and I really wanted to tackle it. In my evaluation of my time, schedule, routine and finances, I decided that I wanted to plan a launch by looking into what I needed to make this happen.

Looking at the boxes still unopened since the move, feeling the fatigue of a full day at work, knowing that my finances didn’t make me feel as comfortable as I needed to feel, I just continued moving forward.  This is where I see friends stalling. This is where I would stop you and make you write!

There will always be situations to deter you from your path. Boxes may make you feel unsettled, but that’s okay… spend 20 minutes a day to open them. Fatigue can lead you to lounging on the sofa, watching TV, but instead a good healthy meal and a brisk walk will get you pumped up for a different type of work, one that you truly enjoy. Fragile finances can be scary, but good planning and risk calculation can ease the pain…

So, if you hear yourself saying it’s not the right time for you, that you are not ready yet, take out your Journal and dig deeper. Why are you not ready? What is REALLY holding you back?


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