Worrying Makes the World Go Round…

Sarcastically of course.
Worrying is the best way to give wings to your fears and power to judgment.

Is that how you want to live your life?

Do we want the world to be ruled by the negativity of those who aren’t big enough to really make the world go round?

Planet Free Stock PhotoYou may have a simple idea for yourself, a project for your family, your community or even a spark that can be fueled to explode into a worldwide innovation. You are the only one who stands in your way when you let worry stop you from your own greatness!

Fears festering within and negativity gnawing at you from the outside are the main sources of worry you should be concerned about eliminating. 

  • Both come from what others think, have thought and/or have commented.
  • Both come from individuals who are too comfortable in their comfort zone to move forward.
  • Both are foreign to your purpose and will never be aligned with it.
  • Both exist to limit you on your path.

So have I said enough to inspire you to look into this? Start eliminating worry from your script and replace it by love for all that you have to offer!



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