Working on Negative Energies to Learn and Grow

Working on identifying the Positive Energies in your life and working on multiplying them is the easy part. Now let’s get to work on what will make the biggest difference for you.

Don’t panic! This doesn’t mean it will require you to jump huge hurdles. Small changes easily translate into important shifts. So even the tiniest efforts will offer you results. As in all Goal Setting, you will need to commit to this life changing work. You will soon see how each Baby Step, how each achievement will motivate you to continue.

By identifying the Negative Energies in your life and deciding to work on shifting them, you are creating an opportunity to Learn and to Grow for yourself. This alone for me was a revelation. To know that I will make something positive from an otherwise draining element in my life, that I have that power, was the most inspiring concept of all! How do you feel about it?

Now look back at the list you created this week (read about Making your Statement if you haven’t done the exercise yet). You may have many more items you’ll think of later, but I bet the ones you thought of are the most prominent holes in your bucket.

If you were to choose just one item on that list to work on, which one would it be? It doesn’t have to be the biggest problem area in your life. That one may be too scary to tackle. You may want to instead work on something lighter to start the momentum.

Let’s say, for example, that you hate your job, you are having communication issues with your spouse and you have a lot of clutter at home that you need to take care of. You may simply decide to work on the clutter first and I would totally understand why! First of all, it is the easiest to tackle. You don’t have to be a hero to jump on the beast to start. I will add to that the fact that working on eliminating clutter will liberate you from Negative Energies you are constantly facing in your own personal environment. This change will open the door to more shifts, like perhaps an opportunity to discuss issues with your spouse, which in turn may help you work out the job challenge, hopefully with the full support of your spouse.

I hope the example gives you a good picture of how a small shift can translate into big transformations in your life. The tiniest steps will open doors to many more, giving you the motivation you need to persevere.  These are the steps that should make up part of your New Year’s Resolutions and we will work more on this again in the coming days. It will only require you to keep reading, with full commitment to make your small changes!


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