Work in progress…

My Thinkshop presentation started with a slide of TheNewHappyMe logo accompanied by a tag below: “Work in Progress“.

I cannot explain TheNewHappyMe path better than with those 3 words. It is truly a work in progress when you are constantly learning and growing.

  • You discover something new about yourself, a new passion, a new strength, a new activity you truly enjoy.
  • You surprise yourself¬†with a new thought or comment to a friend, you never imagined would come out of you.
  • You find a new way of doing things that brings you more happiness, peace of mind, love and energy.
  • You learn something new from the outside, from a friend, a book, a seminar, and you are very excited about it.
  • You take a first step and come out of the experience totally energized for more.
  • You pray for guidance and you suddenly understand the solution to your problem.

There are so many ways of learning and growing. It all starts with a New Beginning, an Awakening. It all starts with the acknowledgement that this is the Path and it holds Happiness in each step forward.

I am learning every single day. I learn about myself, about business, about others, about my attitude vis-a-vis others, and each time I grow. The path itself is what keeps me so Happy!

Ready to join the movement and become TheNewHappyYOU?


Tell us how your Journey is Work in Progress in comments below! 
Let’s chat about the wonderful steps we are taking as a community!




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