Wonderful Friends to help you on your Path to Happiness

The most wonderful Friends are those who listen without judgment, those who ask the right questions without pretending to have the right answers, those who confront you to make you see another point of view, those who apologize and accept apologies without a fuss, those who share a smile and laughter during the good and the bad times.

How many wonderful Friends do you have?

You have to be sincere while answering this question. Some Friends may be great on the outside but they may not really give you the space you need to grow. Some may give you all the answers they want you to follow. Others will just do everything for you. Some will sympathize with you over and over, while what you need is really a kick in the behind! These actions may seem very nice and helpful superficially, but in reality they are not of service to you when you need to follow your own path, to learn along the way and to grow.

A wonderful Friend can be lifelong or just a passer-by in your life too. A Friend can disappear for some time and re-appear years later… This type of Friend doesn’t have to be by your side during your entire lifetime. This Friend could be your mother, your father, your brother or your sister, your spouse, a cousin, your colleague or partner at work, your mentor, a childhood friend… Years back, my then boyfriend was a wonderful Friend, our paths crossed and parted… I have just met a wonderful Friend who I share my thoughts with…

Who are your wonderful Friends Today? How do they help you learn and grow?
How do they contribute to adding positives to your Statement Today?
How do they support you on your Path to Happiness?

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