With passion must come balance

The first image that comes to mind when I think of the word passion is romance. The passion with which two people love each other, the embraces, the infatuation, the not being able to let go.

Now imagine me in front of my computer, in love with my idea, embracing every moment, infatuated by getting the right words in, not being able to press the OFF button! Passion!

Yes. I am passionate about TheNewHappyMe and I am very happy about it. I don’t want to let go, yet I am also learning about balance. As much as I love my work on this amazing project, I also have a life, kids, dogs, a home and a day job. Balance is key to keeping my health and sanity. As such I have a schedule to follow, bounderies to respect.

Have you become passionate about something where you have forgotten all else? How does that feel and do you think this calls for a change in your life or plan as a result? Do you think you have been able to keep balance in your life? (This may relate to a situation in the present or the past)

Rest is a big part of keeping a certain balance and no matter how passionate you become about anything (or anyone), you will require some balance to make sure you don’t ruin a good thing!

In a movement of passion, we tend to forget to slow down or we may even down right refuse to (that’s me!) I am now learning to take my own hand and pull me to the side to say – HEY! Listen up buddy! Slow down or something else will be slowing you down against your will later on! That voice doesn’t have to say it twice!

Taking a step back to reflect, slowing down to take a breather, stopping to smell the roses, these are all very important actions that must be included in your plan. They may feel like regressions, but they are actually ways to refuel for better progress.

Rest and balance, even in the midst of being pulled with excitement towards the object of your passion, are primary elements of success. Use one day a week to think about how you can include items in your plan to make sure you keep your dose of passion within the balanced range.  You will be happier with the outcome and eager to work with passion day in and day out.


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