With Discipline comes Hard Work

In trying to achieve your Life Dream or any goal you may set for yourself, Discipline will have to be combined with Hard Work for success.

Work can present itself in many forms; it may be physical or mental, it may invite you to use more creativity or to ask for help from others. Whatever the case may be, the outcome you desire will never be served to you on a silver platter nor will it fall on your lap. You will have to put in some work for it.

This is where I ask you to close your eyes and ears to all the get-rich-quick schemes or the lose weight fast programs that promise the impossible. If you feel lazy and you don’t want to put the effort in attaining your goal, we’ll look at other ways to motivate you. These programs will just be stealing your money otherwise.  Goal achievement without effort does not exist. Period.

When you set your mind to work towards a goal, your Discipline will allow you to spread the work over  a certain period. With proper planning, it will help you keep consistency in the effort you will put in. You will persevere even when Hard Work is required of you because you will know that it is well worth it. This is something we will discuss in depth later on.

There are many reasons why this is a great part of goal achievement. Hard Work is not something to be scared of.  It should not be denied its rightful place in your Life Dream. It should be embraced.  We’ll take the whole week to see how.


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