Why you should never graduate from the school of life.

All of life’s experiences are meant to be part of a learning process. This is the school of life.

At traditional school, children learn theories that they then practice in workbooks. The teacher is the facilitator, the theories are proven and the practice is controlled. Although school in this sense is VERY important, there is a different type of school that is as if not more important in life.

At the same traditional school, children also learn to interact with others, with students, friends, individually and in groups, teachers and the principle for example. Through trial and error, they all learn what is acceptable, what is not, what will attract positive relationships with fellow students and teachers and what won’t.  We all go through this process, succesfully or not.

As adults, we continue to learn at work and in our relationships with family members, friends and lovers.  Our theories mau come from information we acquire from our environment (parents, friends, internet, magazines), and our practice is the trial and error we perform daily.  We use the input of information to adapt our actions and behaviours the way we see fit. We decide how to use the information we acquire on a regular basis. Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. These are the equations our mind follows:

IF it works =>repeat.
IF it doesn’t work => do not repeat (be wise enough to not repeat).
It’s as simple as that.

Practice in the case of a failure can be more or less painful. I admit, saying “don’t repeat” is a gross simplification of the process. If I decide to do something, I may have very strong belief that it is the right thing to do and that it will work in my favour. If I fail, I not only fall, I also stumble on the idea that I may have been wrong in my initial belief. This is absolutely normal, and the subject deserves many other posts to discuss the importance of failure in our growth process. The message I want to get across today is that understanding that this process is essential in learning, will ease the pain and help get back up to start over. Putting the “learning” tag on the fall gives it a definite positive twist that immediately changes the mind-set and allows you to feel better about the experience.  The information acquired from the fall is also very valuable in future decisions.

In this post, I only referred to experiences, good or bad, based on decisions. Some experiences fall on us without warning and although these will also be learning tools, we will look at them slightly differently. For the time being, I hope you will fully understand and embrace the concept of the school of life and of learning from experiences, successes and failures. This new attitude towards life is a guaranteed help in your path to happiness.

To come back to my header… keep on learning! Refuse to graduate from the school of life!
You will find the HAPPIER YOU!


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