Why Taking Action is the First Step to Happiness

I often see and read comments about Happiness that depict a “be patient and you shall find” attitude. They talk about positive thinking to miraculously make things happen… Does that really work? It didn’t for me.

Then you have the expressions like “When the time is right”, “Someday”, “If or when I have…”. Where do those take us? When will the time be right? Is Someday a day of the week I have not yet heard about? What about the conditional “If”… so in the meantime, we’re just wainting around? How long are we supposed to wait to do or get to what we want? This mindset doesn’t work for me either.

So here’s the deal, my understanding of things: the indefiniteness of these expressions offers a great excuse to just hang out with our dreams, without ever getting anything done. If you do indeed have dreams, WHY do you have them in the first place? Don’t you want them to ever come true? What are you waiting for?

Taking action is the only way to start the path to realizing your dreams. Be clear about your dreams, set them as goals for yourself and see how things will change with your new attitude. Take a first step towards that goal and see how the unniverse backs you up. Open the doors of opportunity that are presented to you and notice how you achieve momentum for even bigger and greater advancements towards the accomplishment of your goals, of your dream. Taking Action shows the Universe and the world that you mean business!!

This first step to Happiness does not need to be complex. It’s a mindset. Know and understand the value of “investing” in your dreams. Every effort, every minute, every penny, every step will contribute to moving you closer to your dreams. Every inch forward will bring you a smile.

Do it and you will see. Take Action today.


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