Why is rich man so poor?

I have read about rich individuals being miserable on many occasions.  The initial shock of this realization comes from the fact that we often consider money as the solution to all ailments, the savior and the key to happiness. The man may be rich but he may not be wealthy at all.
So why is rich man so poor?

(I use the term man for both genders)

  • what is a man with money but no family or friends to share it with?
  • what is a man with money but no time to enjoy it?
  • what is a man with money who suffers from ill health?
  • what is a man with money who cannot communicate with his wife and children?
  • what is a man who is never content with his latest purchase?
  • what is a man who is so insecure, he uses money and purchases to validate himself?
  • what is a man with money who never understood the word charity?
  • what is a man with money so hollow he has no other interests in life than material belongings?

That man, my friend, is poor.

I rather have less money than I dream of, but have the wealth of a quality life, where I enjoy every moment with my loved ones, where I learn and grow on my Happy path!

Where do you stand? What do you think of money and wealth? What is wealth for you? How can you improve your life and feel wealthy? How can you work towards increasing your income while keeping the essence of wealth in your life? These are some of the questions you can play with in your Journal to help you on your path.

I find this especially supportive for those of us who are looking to increase revenues through new initiatives. It is important to keep in mind the things that matter most to us. In our quest for cash, in our hard work and dedication to find a way to financial freedom, we sometimes forget the values that carried us to this point. Finding focus and keeping grounded with the principles of wealth, we can have a healthier relationship with money and a more enriching experience on the business adventure!


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2 Responses to “Why is rich man so poor?”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Very true Carmen, there are many rich but miserable people around. There are also millions of desperately poor people who are reasonably happy because they have never experienced anything better.

    Many of them celebrate just surviving another day.

    Then in the middle are all the people who are not poor in the true sense, but short of money most of the time and believing that more money will solve their problems.

    I have been wealthy and short of money, happy and miserable, believe me wealthy and happy is the best combination!

    • Carmen Marie says:

      No doubt! I hope to reach out to the individuals who have great potential to be happy but always seek the millions without realizing that it will not bring happiness, just extra cash.

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