Why baby steps make all the difference

Baby steps are a huge part of my action plan. This is true for all aspects of my life, but particularly for building wealth, finding success and happiness through financial freedom. I have written several times about baby steps and I may repeat myself sometimes, but I truly think this is very important. It may be just what you need to move forward towards success in your endeavors.

The fact that wealth can be represented by concrete milestones makes it easy to measure the movement forward. For example, my milestones may start with ”finding a job”, “making a budget”, “eliminating debt” (the amount can be very precise), ”opening my business”, “making my first sale”, and so on. This is an over-simplified list but I think you get the point. These are all measurable items that I can put on a list and check as I complete them.

These milestones are little goals towards the completion of our main objective. We first have to identify them, put them on a list and then, one by one, we have to figure out how to break them down into action points to steadily move forward.

Baby steps are broken down milestones.  These are the individual actions you need to take to complete each milestone. Baby steps look very small and insignificant in the overall picture, but their combination in the achievement of the milestones really does make the difference.

As an example for the “find a job” milestone, I may want to break it down into these baby steps:

  1. reaching out to friends for recommendations of who to talk to, where to apply
  2. posting notes on social media sites and updating my information
  3. making sure my CV is done, asking friends to give their feedback
  4. spending an hour a day going through job search sites and newspaper ads
  5. sending my CV to at least 5 new employers a day

Under the milestone of “finding a job” for “building wealth”, these are some of the baby steps to start with. I can adapt them as I move forward as well.

It may still look like building wealth is a faraway dream when you’re starting with the first baby steps, but take a moment to think about your plan. If you have decided that finding a job is a first step in a row of many more towards the completion of your life dream,  then do you think pulling away from this milestone will get you closer to your goal? Do you think you can get away with not taking care of these baby steps and still reach your dream? CHANCES ARE PRETTY SLIM!

Every milestone is important even if the ultimate goal is still far. And every baby step brings you one step closer to accomplishing your goal. Stopping at any of the milestones, prevents you for reaching your goal and THIS my friend IS NOT AN OPTION! ;)

So in an effort to help you on your way to identifying your baby steps, here are several reasons why you should take the time today to write down your goal and your milestones to reach that goal, as well as the baby steps to reach your first milestone.

  • baby steps take less effort than a bigger step; I am not encouraging laziness though, the baby step will have you moving forward
  • baby steps are less scary and coming out of your comfort zone will be a little easier each time. This will prevent blocking in front of the next step and dropping the entire project
  • baby steps break down easier into concrete tasks that you can add to your to do list every morning. Having tasks to get through is much easier than trying to figure out how to reach the milestone as a whole
  •  baby step + baby step actually moves you forward slowly but very steadily. This makes all the difference.

I think the major problem in reaching goals is stopping on our tracks. The reasons may be varied, such as not enough time, too difficult, too scary, too long, not motivated enough… and the list goes on. Do I dare call these excuses? Whatever the case, baby steps help eliminate some of these and they give you a better chance at reaching your goals.

I know it has worked for me, you definitely should try it for the projects you have in mind too. Take out your journal and make your lists today. Start your week with a set of baby steps to take care of. You’ll report back to your journal next week and, if you play the game right, you’ll see how incredibly motivated you will feel with the completion of this exercise!


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