Why are Friendships so important on our Path to Happiness?

I started talking about Friendships when I extended the explanations of my Theory of the Do or Do Not Process – from Idea to Goal Completion. (If you haven’t heard about this yet, see below to click and watch the video).

In essence, no matter where we are on our path, Friends play a key role on the direction we take and the speed at which we cruise on our Journey. They can boost us with incredible energy and excitement levels, improving our chances of completing our goals, or they can weigh us down or discourage us, leading us to sometimes drop the Idea altogether.

When we understand the dynamics, we can take control of the gears. In life, we should encourage the good Friendships and distance ourselves from the bad ones. It starts with identifying which is which. The articles from this past week should help you ask yourself the right questions to work on this. As usual, I recommend writing in your Journal to bring out some of the emotions you may have hidden deep within you.

As some comments to my posts have clearly demonstrated, as I have heard from countless stories, as we read in books, see on TV and experience ourselves, Friendships are very emotionally charged. As such we are directly affected by them. They are a very strong influence on our path; they are a primary element to pay attention to on our path to Happiness!

Here is the Theory of the Do or Do Not Process – from Idea to Goal Completion as promised:


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