Where were my priorities?

Some of you may already know that I am writing a book. I set myself accountable by entering a publishing contest I am very excited about. This project has given me the nudge I needed to finally get cracking with my book writing idea.

My attendance at last week’s Experts Academy event also helped me create a framework for my book, a structure that would make it more powerful in relaying TheNewHappyMe message to readers around the world. Everything has been falling into place nicely even though I felt the weight of some challenges along the way.

Today, I blocked a few hours of my day to write. I feel the words flowing smoothly as though they have been prepping to be spoken for so long. There are some awkward moments too though as I remember events from the past… I recall words that hurt me… Writing is an intimate exercise, one I am learning and growing with. It is all part of the path and I am grateful for this.

While writing about shifting old patterns, I decided to check back into post archives… How did I feel back then? My articles had a lot to tell. I found this one: Where are your Priorities? My heart sank for a moment as I read it, almost two years after having written it.  I was in the midst of important decisions back then and I was going through a rough patch. TheNewHappyMe posts were helping me keep my sanity.

I came out victorious though! I chose to place my priorities where I needed to place them: right here with me! By taking care of myself I started becoming more present for my children and more engaged in activities that made us all happy. Self-love and care allowed me to make better choices altogether. The initial question may not have come with the best of intentions, but I did need to hear it again to shift my behavior once and for all.

If you are faced with the same question, “Where are your priorities?”, take a step back and think of how you can offer yourself more love in order to, in turn, be more present for your loved ones. The shift will make all the difference in your life.


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