Where to start when thinking of New Year’s Resolutions?

This is possibly the best question you could ask and the most important one on your way to making New Year’s Resolutions you will be able to stick to next year! Why? Because if you don’t know where to start, how do you build on something that is still non-existent?

Here is my philosophy: When you are going to┬áset goals for yourself there is one primary element to consider first. This is actually the most important step you will take in preparing for the success of your New Year’s Resolution (and this is why it is also important to start thinking about it ahead of time) – Read this carefully: What do you actually want?

Not what you need…

Not what you should do…

What do you WANT??

Have you thought about this at all? What is the achievement that will make you happiest (or at least happier)? What do you WANT to have, be or transform in your life? What will bring a genuine smile to your face?

Why is this so important? Consider this… if you should be doing something, then it may be that this goal is somewhat imposed on you, you feel obliged or pushed to work towards it. Your motivation therefore comes from the outside and will probably not be sufficient in keeping you on track long enough to accomplishment. If you need to set a particular goal, you sound not so convinced… How do you think that will pan out over the first few weeks into the Resolution.

A goal you WANT to set, you can set anytime of year and you will want to keep until you reach success!

The idea alone of achieving what you want brings motivation from within. As you get closer to your goal, the excitement level fuels you and pushes you through the sprint to goal completion. The energy helps you face challenges and fears. Nothing can stand in the way of your passion. The path itself becomes an incredible Journey as you learn and you grow. The destination is the trophy you will expose on a shelf and remember, as you embark on yet another Resolution adventure!



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