Where to start digging?

In an effort to discover what challenges stop you from moving forward on your Path to Happiness, in finding Ideas and Deciding to Commit to change, you will need some Discipline and tools for digging!

Over the last 300 days, I have written about so many ways you can work on your self-discovery, and it basically boils down to this: Digging deep is finding what lies within. There are many ways you can do this.

Some readers will do well with a Statement. This is much like a financial statement. What do I have today, like an inventory of assets, strengths, positives that will help me on my path, AND what are my liabilities such as weaknesses, challenges, negatives standing in the way of my movement forward. With this, you can look at the second half and see how you can neutralize or compensate to make the statement more positive.

I will ALWAYS emphasize the importance of Journal Writing! There is nothing more powerful than words to reveal your inner thoughts. I recommend buying a simple notebook and a smooth flowing comfortable pen. I suggest you make writing a routine to put your thoughts on paper every single day, even if it is only for 5 minutes. I started mine by saying: HI! I have nothing to say today….!!! You can do it too! Soon enough, you’ll be writing things that will surprise you!!

If you are adamant about not writing, try the Vision Board. Vision Boards are basically used to illustrate what you want to achieve, but you can also use it to visualize what you feel and put your thoughts, if not in words, at least in images. It will be your present Vision as opposed to your desired Vision. You can do this by drawing or pasting images from the Internet or magazines, clippings of words as headers etc, on a large sheet or board. Seeing the images as a whole will give you a more global view of where you stand today. I remember following the suggestion in a book (I don’t recall the title), where I was asked to draw myself at the edge of a cliff looking at the other side, wanting to get there. I remember drawing myself on some kind of an island off the cliff, not exactly on main land, ball and chain holding me still. I was obviously not in a good place… I felt isolated from my family and stuck in my situation, unable to move…. The illustration made it pretty clear!

Use the arts to help out. Music, paintings, photography, cinema…. these are all forms of expression. Listen to and identify the type of music you are attracted to; what does it say about your state of mind? If you can write about this, you can find out a lot about yourself. The same applies to paintings… You can also try an outing where you decide to just point and shoot (with your camera!); when you get back home and look at the type of pictures you took, can you tell something about your overall mood? Is it light and fun, or depressed, gloomy and maybe limited. What about the movies you watch? What are the messages you take from them?

Talking about these with good Friends will also help out. They can guide you to figure out where you stand and how you can reach your goals on your Path to Happiness.

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