Where to place your Vision Board

The placement of your Vision Board will play a huge role in the success of your initiative. The idea is that your Vision Board should be very accessible, in a place where you can take the time to review the details calmly, easy to spot and catch glimpses of the attractive images or power words, installed on a wall that will be in your way daily and very frequently.

The wall may be a physical wall. I personally like a wall in my bedroom. My vision board is placed right across my bed, next to the window. It is on the left side, the side I usually sleep on. I see it first thing when I wake up, I see it every night and often while working on my laptop in bed… I see it all the time! At my old house, I had it on my closet door, which was also a good spot near my bed. You may prefer another location such as in your office, especially if you work from home, or in your kitchen where you might spend a number of hours a day (especially handy if diet and fitness are a big theme of your Vision Board).  The idea is to place the Vision Board where you will see it!

I also suggest having a digital version of your Vision Board. Virtual walls are just as handy! Simply lay it down to take a photo, or take one once it is placed on your wall. Make sure the photo is bright enough and clear and that the cardboard is laid out straight. The digital image of your board can now be placed on your computer, on your phone or ipod, printed to a smaller scale to place on your fridge, your office wall or cork board, or printed even smaller still to put in your wallet. The applications are varied and offer you the opportunity to see your Vision Board over and over again, every single day!

What is your favourite spot for your Vision Board? Do you see it often enough?
Remember, these are the hints that will allow you to use your Vision Board to its full potential and therefore to really keep your focus!


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