Where do opinions come from anyway?

Today’s article was inspired by someone who unsubscribed to TheNewHappyMe. You’d think I am upset by this, but no, not really. I am actually glad the person left me a comment, something along the lines of – you should be giving more realistic tips.

I made a comment about this on facebook when I received the message. I mentioned that I felt an idea for an article starting to form in my head… and it did! So I thank this reader for taking the time to make the suggestion.

The opinion is very personal and subjective. It comes as the product of a mix of elements that have made me, you and this reader who we are today.  The way we understand and react to someone’s opinion is also strongly related to the very same elements. So it is actually quite normal to have differences in opinion; we just have to learn to accept this reality.

And so this is what I did this time. I accepted that TheNewHappyMe may not be what this reader is looking for. I also accepted that the path I have chosen for TheNewHappyMe is very ME and it will have to stay that way. “This” is what I have to offer to all those who feel they need “this” on their Journey. There are many other options out there, online and offline, for self help services readers may be looking for.

What readers will get through TheNewHappyMe is not a collection of easy to implement tips that you will never end up implementing. It will never try to colour your world with new trends and exciting flavors.

TheNewHappyMe is about hard work, perseverence, commitment, discipline, honesty, integrity, all words that can be uncomfortable or even hurt.

TheNewHappyMe will throw life altering questions at your face to wake you up to a reality you may have been denying. It will make you revisit your past disappointments and your ongoing struggles to identify what’s been going wrong. You will experience ah-ha moments to mend the broken pieces in your life. It is a Path of no return. You will walk slowly towards better clarity, you will become more grounded and you will find, on your own, what your personal and unique Path to Happiness is.

“This” to me is realistic and “that” is my opinion!

I love you all for stickin’ around! You won’t regret it!






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