When to stop the Hard Work…

Hard Work is what makes your accomplishment worth gold in your eyes. Your pride at completing a milestone or a goal gives you an incredible high. You know you put in a lot of effort and now you reap the rewards.

The motivation is certainly there to make you keep going, striving for more, working harder and harder to get to the next level each time… but when does it stop?

Does it only stop when you reach your last goal, your Life Dream? Is there such a thing as your last goal? Will you stop wanting to accomplish new things when you reach your Life Dream…?  I don’t believe these to be true. I think you will always want to strive for more if you have it in you to continually learn and grow.

Yet, there has to be a stopping point to working hard. Honestly, I find myself at such a crossroads right now. With ambition I have grown light-years in my career, I have proven myself tenfold to all around me and now I look for something different for a very simple reason: I cannot continue working hard the way I have in the last seven years.

When you sacrifice your family, your time with friends and yourself for the sake of your work, there is your STOP sign right there.  Hard Work sometimes comes at a price and you have to evaluate to make sure the cost to you is reasonable, IE not involving your family or your health.

I will always encourage Hard Work as do many experts in various fields where goals need to be achieved.  Success comes with Hard Work, that’s right. You will be proud of your achievements, it’s true. I will add to that; it is all worth it if you remember to protect your family, your friends and your health through the journey; the sacrifice will otherwise take away everything you have worked hard for.


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