When someone else’s issues make you smile….

I won’t be too nice with this story… it actually happened to me this week. Although it is quite sad, it made me smile. I hope it will inspire you by letting you see how “advanced” you are on the path to Happiness!!

I needed a break from everything this week. I’ve been through a lot in the past few months, working on a huge event with a lot on my plate. It wasn’t just the responsibility of my job, but my constant struggle to keep balance in my life and for my family.  It wasn’t working out!

Now post-event, I really had to take a step back (as you may have read in my last posts) and, along with some physical rest, to try and recover my life by mending the pieces that were left from months of scrambling.

So my first step was to take up an offer from a friend to get my hair cut. Believe me this was a BIG deal for me! Would you believe it… to sit down on a chair for an hour!! I hadn’t gotten a haircut in probably a year!

So there I was, simple me, hair washed and brushed, easing into the restfulness of the experience, when I noticed the lady next to me was a bit agitated. She actually took the blow-dryer from the hairdresser’s hands and started drying her own hair showing him how she wanted it done! Who does that????

Then I understood what the issue was when my friend, the salon owner, went to see her. What patience that woman has!! Apparently, the lady didn’t like the tone of the die they had used on her hair. It was a shade too dark! My thought? WHO CARES!!!!

To add to the stupidity of it all, it was the color she herself had chosen against the suggestion of my friend, and now she was being offered a free re-dying of her hair to lighten the tone. She even insisted it had to be re-done BEFORE the big event she was to attend 3 days later! OMG! Talk about a primadona!!

When the lady left, my first words to all involved were: “Is she a public personality or something? Or is she just the most MISERABLE human being on the face of this earth!!!!!”

So there, in all my struggles, I suddenly felt much better. Unlike others, I deal with my stresses, my worries and my frustrations and I come out stronger. I smiled. I am better off than so many women (and men) out there.

I glanced in the mirror. My haircut was the same as usual, very pretty with my hues of browns and auburns (and a few grays) shining under the different lights.  No style, no curlers, no gels and sprays, just simple. That’s the way I like it. That’s what I am happy with. Seeing what some others stress over when they have absolutely nothing else to worry about, just made me smile. Even if it is quite sad to say honestly.

I felt like slipping her one of TheNewHappyMe business cards!

See? Because you are here reading this post today, I am 100% sure that you are MUCH better off than many people out there like the lady who didn’t like the one tone darker hair color she got! Now go out and celebrate!! :)




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