When Idea #1 is the one I am afraid to tackle

Has it happened to you, or are you presently faced with a situation where you know what you have to do, you know which Idea is priority for you, yet you can’t get yourself to start working on it?

I face those often and my first question to myself is: Am I afraid of something?

If I am and I can identify what it is, I usually reason it to tackle the fear and move forward anyway.

If it’s not fear though, what could it be?

  • Is it too big to tackle? Is it overwhelming? Can it be broken down?
  • Does it involve a big investment in time, energy or money? And could this be an excuse for me not to tackle it because there is an underlying fear I don’t want to face?
  • Is it frustrating because it feels like I’m turning round and round, and I’m just ready to give up?┬áCan this Idea be modified to prevent falling in the same cycle? How can I change my Idea to make me more comfortable?

The best way to figure this issue out is by writing about it in your Journal. Write down your Idea in one sentence and continue by writing your feeling about the Idea. See what comes out.

Is it fear or something else? Is it something you can identify through your words and start working on separately to give yourself a better chance to succeed in your #1 priority Idea, Decision and Commitment?


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