What’s with the Spam!!!

Did you ever think you can keep a blog without a spam filter???

I saw the difference between having one and not… something like 55 comments difference a day!! What amazes me is the type of comments; some are obviously spam and very annoying and some are really quite good. People seem to have gotten creative with their spam contents to try to trick filters and users into thinking they are genuine.

My beef with this is that it frustrates the hard workers, the bloggers who want to use the system for good, whether for business or pleasure, for what it is meant to be used for…  The genuine looking spam comments give a false impression of interest to bloggers at first and skew their direction. Add to that the waste of time working on the replies and new blogs to answer those comments. In the intent of promoting their own site, which BTW doesn’t even work much for serious bloggers, they are polluting the sites of others who are playing fair.

To me, spammers are cheaters and I am glad filters exist. I am also glad there are penalties for spammers although I am certain they easily bypass those too. If I had a magic wand, I would create a super-duper filter to get rid of all of them! I announce 2 spam filters on this site, so no more BS! Thank you to all my serious visitors! :)


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