What you see in the mirror: a reflection of your feelings

Have you ever noticed how children love to play in front of a mirror?

Boys show their “muscles”… Girls show off their pretty dress…

They love seeing themselves in the mirror.
They love what they see…

So what happens 20 years later? I remember how in my late twenties – early thirties, I would look at my reflection in the mirror and find so many things I disliked about myself.  Thin, slim or curvy, it didn’t matter, I went through sizes 0 to 14 and back! I had extra short to extra long hair, that didn’t matter either. I was never happy with what I saw… of course, I wasn’t happy with my life either.

I realize today how my feelings, those on the surface and especially those hidden deep inside, were responsible for the way I saw my reflection in the mirror.  Obviously, being in a bad marriage didn’t help.

I wrote in my Journal a lot back then and I had the support of a social worker. A lot of emotions came out. I started understanding, accepting and dealing with feelings I didn’t know existed in me. I remember the first thing I did when I started feeling better; I started putting make-up. It no longer felt as painful to look at myself in the mirror.

Today, almost 40, I love who I have become. Through good times and tough times, I know I am strong enough to deal with anything life brings. I deal with my feelings and face them with courage. I face them in the mirror!


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