What the Path to Happiness is all about…

“Its not about the goal.  Its about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal.”  - Anthony Robbins.

The Path is all about transformation, becoming the person you are meant to be, following the purpose that will bring passion to your life and overflow into energy to all around you.

The Path is not about the Destination but about the itinerary, the road, the forks, the obstacles, the ups and the downs and all the detours that may or may not get you to Destination. I may decide that the initial map is no longer right for me, and that’s okay. The Path guides me to learn more about myself and my purpose.

I am a big advocate of Goal Setting. I believe learning through Challenges, getting motivated to get to the next Milestone and celebrating Successes along the way, are all part of the development process we benefit from through Goal Setting on our Path to Happiness. With each Milestone, we become a different person. Each accomplishment enriches our life. Happiness comes from within.

Can you think back to a goal you accomplished? How did it feel to achieve success? How did you feel about yourself when you made it? What made you feel this way?

TNHMe.com may contain over 400 pages now, but it isn’t the website that serves as a trophy to me… It is the wonderful feeling of having support from new-found friends and on-going encouragement from close friends and family to do even more with TheNewHappyMe. It is the pride of knowing that I can do it, the awe at the variety of topics I was able to cover and the satisfaction of knowing that I have been able to make a difference in the lives of readers around the world… Most of all, it is how much I have learned since last October…



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