What my Life is VS what it could’ve been.

Yesterday, after an hour of chaos at home, 10 minutes late on our schedule, driving to my parents’ with my kids, I said: “Guys, we live in a very quiet neighborhood, and you are the only noisy ones with your screaming and yelling and running around in the house! I have a headache!!”

What does my daughter answer? “Mom (in a teen voice, extend the o with a melody) we bring excitement to your life, it would be so boring without the fighting and the screaming!”

I had to laugh! She was right.

We always dream of what Life could have been through different Decisions over the course of years. We think of how it could be easier if this or that was different. We think of how we could advance better if this or that was different than what Life is now. I know I sometimes (if not often) see myself thinking this way…

But here my daughter brought me back to reality. This is my Life. I need to live with it. It isn’t so bad after all! There is apparently a lot of excitement in it and it would have been boring otherwise… LOL She’s right.

This is my Life today. I know I want to do things with it, I have plans, I have Goals and Dreams. I have excitement in my Life, I have challenges, some failures, many successes. So my job is to just make the best of it by using Baby Steps and develop my Life towards the achievement of my Goals and Dreams, slowly but surely.

The Journey is the experience, with all the excitement it offers.

What does your Journey look like? Do you have a lot of excitement in your Life like me or is it really quiet? How does this fit with who you are? How are you going to work with this to move towards your Goals and Dreams…?




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