What made you think you could live a better life?

This question will bring you to the very beginning of your Path to Happiness.

What sparked that first step, the Idea that you can potentially live a better life?

Remembering what sparked this first Idea may be much more important than you think… This first time that you thought of your life as being less than what it could be potentially, is the first time you felt the motivation to make a change in your life.

That is the emotion I want you to hang on to!

That initial motivation is worth gold for you on your path. It is the primary source of energy that comes from within you, as opposed to from others around you. It belongs to you. You are its creator. You can use it indefinitely.

How powerful is that!!!

As you move from Idea to Goal Completion on your Path to Happiness, with each goal that you decide to undertake, you will no doubt get support, encouragement, help or even challenges from Friends, people or circumstances. You will experience successes and failures, both equally important on your Journey. Throughout it all, no matter where the path leads, you will be able to source that powerful energy of motivation from within you to keep moving forward towards that better life you first dreamt of.

Ask yourself the question: When did this all start? Why? How? What is my motivational energy?

I’ll give you hint. Write in your Journal or better yet, talk about it with your good Friends. Discuss the many times you have thought of a better life, talk about your dreams for your future… When you notice (or they tell you they notice in you) a sparkle in your eye, heightened energy in your voice, more excitement in your tone, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Have fun discovering where it all started and you will have even more fun getting to destination!


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