What is Turning the page?

I want to take a few days to write about turning the page. I started the theme but needed to clarify something about it, since the expression itself can sometimes come with negative feelings to some readers.

Turning the page… what does it mean?

Turning the page means starting anew. Giving yourself the chance to leave some “things” in the past in order to make space for new and better “things”. These may be relationships, friendship, a job, clothes, attitude, you name it. Out with the old in with the new!

But sometimes we don’t want to hear that…

Some circumstances come with heavy emotions, memories that are difficult to let go of, situations that are not easily dealt with and shoved behind. A grieving period may be needed and often is. Memories of the old need to be kept. We have to come to terms with some of our emotions and this takes time. Turning the page is definitely not easy and it can hurt for a long time.

Turning the page however is so important on your Path to Happiness. The work must be done even if it is a lengthy and difficult process. There must be a commitment to moving forward and turning the page is part of it.

If you feel you need to be turning the page, read the next articles to see where you stand and how you can find your way to the next page in your life, the happier one!


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