What is TheNewHappyMe Thinkshop all about?

TheNewHappyMe is all about helping you find the solutions to make concrete and sustainable changes in your life, transformations that will guide you to a healthier, wealthier and happier YOU.

Two months ago, I held the first live Thinkshops in Montreal. The setting was nice and intimate, allowing me to give an interactive presentation that we all enjoyed very much. My guests learned a lot of new concepts, or understood techniques they had previously heard about, to be able to implement them at home. Through questions, they were also able to better relate them to their respective personal situations.  It was a very positive outcome for everyone, including myself!

As I wanted to offer the same event to TNHMe fans outside of Montreal, I first looked into the possibility of offering a video version online. I opted against the idea because it took away the personal touch. So I jumped into online webinars!

Live webinars are almost as interactive as events. If you have a microphone, you can speak to me. If you don’t, you may chat with me by typing in your questions or comments. There is even an icon to click on when you want to raise your hand! It’s phenomenal!  If you have noise in your background, no worries; you are muted anyway, unless you ask to speak (that prevents us from hearing heavy breathing or dogs barking! LOL).

I have tweaked the Thinkshop presentation slightly and so will offer some new information. It is presented on a powerpoint slide show. When you access the Webinar, you will see my screen, my slide show, my curser! Pretty cool, huh?

I make sure to keep the presentation lively too! I’m told I get quite passionate about what I speak about, so expect to have fun while you learn with me!

Join me at the next Thinkshop Free Live Webinars. Go to Thinkshop Registration for the details!


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