What Is, Not What Should Be.

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”  – Albert Einstein

The man was wise…

Read the sentence again and see how it reflects what we often do unknowingly.  We look at facts and pick out what we think should be, not what actually is. We look at a problem, at our situation, at a loved-one’s behaviour… and we analyze according to our own set of measures, through our subjective eyes. Seldom, do we put ourselves in the other’s shoes. Rarely do we agree to another person’s solution. We let our ego play the game instead of seeing things under new light using a different pair of glasses.

 How happy can you be when discord can arise from this attitude? Yet how richer would our lives be with a collaborative understanding of what is, instead of the selfish what should be? Food for thought.


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