What is a Best Friend?

I got a very special question yesterday from one of TheNewHappyMe readers: How do you define Best Friend?

It made me take a step back because it is absolutely true that before I can identify myself as my Best Friend, I have to know what it is.

In talking about Friendship, we have discussed support through the good and bad times, in all its forms. I believe that is the basic element of Friendship. It is all about having a person who can boost your energy level when life is treating you well and having this same person help you bring you back up when things are more difficult. A Best Friend will not take any detours and will do what is needed, even if it hurts.

This of course is a summarized definition of Friendship and life obviously offers all kinds of flavors. In essence, no matter who this person is, as you work on balancing your Life Statement, your Best Friend will help you in one way or another.

Take a moment to think of who your Best Friends are (you may very well have a few of them that each support you in a different way).

Is this person a parent? Your mother, father… A family member… sister or brother?

Is this person someone you grew up with and you have known for ages?

Is this person your soul mate, your spouse?

Is this person a mentor?

How have these individuals contributed to supporting you on your path? Have they encouraged you on your excitement for new endeavors? Have they told you they disagree with a direction when they felt it would be very wrong for you? Have they celebrated with you? Have they given you a hand to get back up after a fall?

Do you consider yourself as one of your very Best Friends? This is the one that I will come back to again.


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