What if it doesn’t work?

The question “What if it doesn’t work?” brings me to one word:¬†REGRET.

If I am to stall for this question, I must immediately think of the next question: “What can I potentially lose for not trying?” In other words, how much will I regret never finding out if it could have worked?

I think this explanation is pretty complete on it’s own. We all understand the implications…

This is truly a subject to be writing about for several reasons. Write down the project you are stalling on and follow it by the question “What can I potentially lose for not trying?”. This is what you will end up getting through the exercise:

  • You will realize the big potential this project has and how it is important to you.
  • The wonderful potential and the thought of achieving your goal will get you motivated to start on it.
  • You will understand the negative impact of the potential regret at not moving forward on the project.
  • You will start getting ideas on how to make the project happen.

So if¬† “What if it doesn’t work?” is part of your vocabulary, take out your Journal and see what comes out of the exercise. Share with TheNewHappyMe to get encouragement on your path too!


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