What goal do you want to accomplish next year?


Okay, I know, it may be a little too early to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, we are less than 100 days away…

So what goal do you want to accomplish next year?

I’ll ask the question again because I want to start thinking about real goals, concrete, step-by-step goals you will see progress in as you move forward towards achievement. This may sound obvious to you, but I want to take the time to write about this so that I may iron out some of the kinks that usually mean failure.

I have been writing articles and an eBook about Vision Boards again and that’s when it hit me. If you are not clear about the basics of setting intentions, you won’t have a successful experience with your goals. You see, most people, when asked about their goals for the future, will mention “money”. They want to make more money, they want to be accepted at a higher paying job, or they want their business to do well… Sometimes they even add the detail of the amount, sometimes they add the date by which they want the wish-come-true. Of course, they may have a plan to make this work, but they are missing a very important element, one that I bring up in my Vision Board workshops.

If you want more money, what will it serve you for?

If you didn’t have a want or a need, you would probably not be wishing for or setting a goal for more money. Money is just a currency. It allows you to acquire things, to purchase, to do, to give, etc. So money in itself does not bring you any satisfaction, however the end results given the amounts of money you receive do.

In the Vision Board exercise, we look at images that represent Happiness to us. These are the end results.

So if you thought making more money was a goal to accomplish next year, go back to the drawing board. What is your real goal. Is it…

  • buying a new car
  • buying a new house
  • being able to propose to your girlfriend
  • paying for a well deserved family or romantic vacation
  • expanding your business
  • being debt-free and comfortable

Visualize these goals with all your senses. Think of the contentment you will feel at being able to reach these amazing outcomes. These images, the same as what you would put on your Vision Board, represent all the wonderful things more money will allow you to have. The experiences they represent will mean much more to you than any stack of money you may be keeping under your mattress!


P.S. I don’t negate the fact that making more money is an objective worth the hard work. Think of how your life can improve with just a little more money. Has this been a dream and a struggle all at the same time for you? Bloggers like me are making the move to build a lucrative business through creative expression and love for the internet communications.  Let me show you how we are shifting the industry and making the money we need to continue blogging! Click on this hyperlinked paragraph right now!






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