What do I believe to be True?

I like using Sunday as a day for reflection. I give myself the time to take a step back, take out my Journal and write about the thoughts of the week. Here’s how it happens for me…

As I am well surrounded with supportive friends and family, discussions about our paths become very interesting. We dig deep into our respective concepts by sharing our thoughts. This gives me great ideas about future posts and topics to cover… It also allows me to have different perspectives about particular subjects.  It invites me to research and learn. I thrive in understanding where my readers come from and what they may be searching for. 

I must also add that I have one particular reader who will always have a curve ball to throw… and I like that! It gives me yet another view of what readers may think about my posts and my thoughts.  I realize not everybody thinks the same way, is at the same phase in their life or is striving generally towards the same goals as me.  My message will sometimes have a very different meaning to someone else. It may also draw a blank for some people. I’ve had a few “unsubscribes” from TheNewHappyMe and that’s okay. It helps me understand my readers and it pushes me to reflect on what I need to do next.

That’s where Sunday comes in. What have I learned and what do I do next?

In taking in all this information, what do I still believe to be True and how will I continue to follow it?

Am I still on the right path?
I know I am on the right path. I believe this to be true.
I know I have many very loyal readers. I know this to be true.
I know I have impact on my readers, that I help them on their path. I have confirmation of this to be true.

What did I learn this week that I will use from now on?
What did I learn about myself, about my reactions to others, about how others react to me and my work?  How is this going to benefit me, and my readers?

This is deep stuff!! Whew!!

What are the things you would be writing about in your Journal if you took a step back to reflect today?  Ask yourself the same questions:
Am I on the right path, moving forward towards my Life Dream?
What have I recently learned that I have to implement in order to continue on this path?

It is with Integrity that you will write about what you believe to be True. By taking this step back and writing in your Journal, you will encourage yourself to contibue on this path.  By being true to yourself, you will learn and grow while you get closer to your Life Dream.  The thoughts that will flow onto the pages of your Journal may surprise you and if you react the same way I do, you will finish and close your Journal with a smile.  Try it!


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3 Responses to “What do I believe to be True?”

  1. Carmen says:

    Wow!! Great comments!! I am so grateful to have your support Nayiri and Peter! This really means so much to me!

    I feel cleansed by a splash of energy, a feeling so wonderful I could have never imagined it! Thank you so much!

    I hope other readers benefit from the posts and see value in them as well. My posts are nothing without my readers!! They make my work worthwhile!

  2. Peter Wright says:

    Very good post Carmen. Your whole series on integrity has been good and thought provoking.

    I know too well, the risks of staying true to one’s beliefs and principles. I had first hand experience of the risks and the cost.

    But having stood firm despite those risks and huge cost, I can still sleep at night knowing that I did not abandon my principles. My integrity is intact.

    And years later, integrity is still intact.

    Thanks for a good reminder of what is important in life.

  3. Nayiri says:

    Bravo Carmen! You did a great job of capturing the essence of integrity, which requires staying authentic to oneself while keeping anchored in spiritual principles. Ironically, the choice of living in full integrity often puts an individual at risk of being at odds with societal norms, as in the case of George Eliot. For the freedom of choice we enjoy today, we owe a debt of gratitude to those who had the courage to stay true to themselves, at the expense of being judged and/or persecuted by their contemporaries.

    When we look at such historical figures, we realize that they were merely ahead of their time. Society eventually caught up, as part of the natural evolutionary process. Individuals evolve faster than society. It is only when a critical mass of individuals share a new perspective, that a shift occurs in the society at large. By striving toward living more fulfilling lives, the NewHappyMe community of readers is also contributing to a shift in authentic living. Thank you Carmen, for your up-lifting and thought-provoking posts, they inspire me daily!

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