“Well done!” Stickers on your Vision Board

Wanna have fun while achieving your goals (and feel more and more gratitude for the amazing energy you’ll get from your success)? Do what teachers do in school: use stickers to highlight a job well done!

Cut out stars or hearts, or any image that represents “Job well done” for you. These shouldn’t be too big. Just big enough to spot at the corner of images that you have already pasted on your Vision Board.

Each time you accomplish one of your goals, stick a sticker on the corner of the appropriate image. “Job well done!”

You will soon get motivated by the idea of having more and more stickers on your board. Your family and friends will notice this too and compliment you on your achievements! (I know my children will be ecstatic!!)

It’s an incredibly simple tool to combine to what you have already created through your Vision Board. Your goal setting work should be fun and encourage you to do more and better. Stickers do wonders in school. They will do wonders for you too!


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