Weekend Respite

Writing my post while away for the weekend
Writing my post while away for the weekend

This weekend I decided to get away for a relaxing and re-energizing weekend with my kids, family and close friends.  I am writing my post sitting in the living room of a beautiful cottage in Mont-Tremblant, in the amazing Côté Nord Tremblant resort.

When possible given opportunities, budget and timing, respite weekends are a great way to reconnect with yourself and your family, to get away from the routine and get enough of a rest to clean the clutter in your head. Sometimes our daily routines and work priorities do not allow us to think of the personal projects we would really like to be working on. Taking a step back to rest gives a chance to revisit this important to do list. Going back refreshed is a great way to start working on these.   

One thing I learned recently is that we get so involved with work related deadlines that we don’t give enough time for our personal to dos. Our life goals will often be left on the back burner as a result. Working on a plan is useful but you have to highlight the to dos that are important for your life goals. Then when you get back from your respite weekend, you have to discipline yourself to take 15-30 minutes every morning for these highlighted goals. Daily, weekly and monthly reviews of this plan are also important to keep on track.

So this weekend I have gotten away from the hussle and bussle of my work routine. I will revisit my plan, make sure I am following the path I originally wanted to follow, see where I stand today and where I want to go, how I will get there. This amazing weekend respite is the perfect setting for this.

I have to get ready for a hike in the woods now. Great way to clear the mind! I’ll keep you posted! :)


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