Wealthy self-esteem

Self- esteem is an important topic in the world of TheNewHappyMe. It of course also has its place in the theme of wealth.

Money alone, even with the opportunity it provides to wrap myself in lace and pearls, will never allow my self-esteem to flourish. I will remain small inside if that is what I was before I got dolled up in cash.

A wealthy self-esteem is all about learning…

  • to respect myself and others in my business dealings, to be fair to myself, to my clients and suppliers alike,
  • to value my strengths, to accept and to work on my weaknesses, to identify the same in others (partners and team members) and to work with them towards a relationship that is beneficial to all,
  • to enjoy my present by savoring every luxurious moment I am offered without taking any of it for granted,
  • to feel gratitude for my past as good or bad as it may have been, since my past is responsible for where I am today,
  • to get excited about my future with all the new endeavours, the challenges and the new opportunities it will bring me,
  • to be proud of my accomplishments both financial and personal, and
  • to use my wealth in a position of sharing and support, with my loved ones and with my community.

These healthy behaviors empower my overall business attitude by implementing elements that will serve both on a personal and on a wealth building level. After all, any business I may decide to dive into will include human interactions and relationships, of one form or another.  Self-esteem being a core element in my personal development, my wealth will require the same in financial success as well as in my work or business experience.

Wealth as such becomes a journey, flowing along side the path to happiness.


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