Want to know about MY New Year’s Resolutions? Part 3

As you may know, TheNewHappyMe was born in October 2010 (10-10-2010 to be exact!) I had already started looking in to business options the year prior. During the summer, my thoughts had started to funnel into a more specific type of project. I guess you could say I was ready to embark on a path.

As I always do, I started thinking about this more and more as I got closer to year-end. Still researching into what steps I could possibly take, I opted for a course to help me out. It was a DVD package of a conference held in July. The main purpose was to help build a website for online marketing. It was worth a try.

The most useful exercise was deciding on a domain name. After all what’s the use of knowing how to register a domain name if you have no clue what your business name should be… The exercise was to make a list of things I loved and things I wanted to stay away from. The idea was to try to put together a business around a passion. That is where TheNewHappyMe name was born. As the subject was indeed a passion for me, it was easy to build on it.

So on the 4th of January 2011, less than 12 months ago, my children and I sat down to create our Vision Board. My Vision Board clearly expressed where I saw TheNewHappyMe leading me. This was my New Year’s Resolution. Watch this video to see the board itself on the day it was created.

The board is still posted on the wall next to my computer and desk. I am looking at it now. WOW! It is truly incredible and I feel so much Gratitude for having made my Vision Board come true! Yay for another successful New Year’s Resolution!



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