Want to know about MY New Year’s Resolutions? Part 2

A few years ago, when I finally started thinking about myself, my needs and desires as a woman, a wife and a mother, my thoughts started shifting about what I wanted my Goals to be. Where I once lived for my family and my children, now I started thinking on a longer term, for my health, my career, my Happiness.  If I didn’t take care of ME, how could I take care of my loved ones?

The process was anything but easy.

As my path started growing further and further away from the one chosen by my husband, we divorced. The separation was beyond difficult, leaving me to start from scratch. It was a good thing I had been working on self-development already… Practice may not have made perfect, but it certainly helped me set new goals to make sure I got back up on my feet fast enough!

The first year, my priority was to sell the house I was left with (or rather, to get rid of the huge mortgage I was left with). Although I did everything I possibly could, holding open houses regularly, it was taking too long. I felt overwhelmed with decisions and payments, taking care of the children, my work, the house… I was ready to explode. So I stopped.

I decided I needed to change my way of doing things. I needed to Focus on Results, so….

For several years already, I traditionally created a Vision Board around the Holidays, sitting around the dinner table, with my children, in time for the New Year. When the house was still not sold around that time, I dedicated my Vision Board to visualizing the outcome I desired. Not the steps to get there, but the images of a new apartment, big windows, new bright red furniture in front of tan walls, just the way I liked it. The picture you see is what I got next December.

I didn’t intend on staying there too long as it did cost a good amount in rent. I always preferred to buy and I wanted a little garden. That’s how I ended up buying my very own townhouse, within a year of staying at that wonderful apartment by the river. So far so good on my New Year’s Resolutions.

My house was small but quaint. I was focused on staying there less than my 5 year mortgage term, to rent it out and buy another. So again, my Vision Boards and my New Year’s Resolutions helped me visualize an outcome. The means would come later… and they did. Another successful set of New Year’s Resolutions…

I basically figured that Vision Boards worked for me. I wasn’t done using them for my New Yera’s Resolutions for sure!
Stay tuned for Part 3 – TheNewHappyMe.



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