Want to know about MY New Year’s Resolutions? Part 1

Every year, over a period of two to three months until December 31st, I start preparing myself mentally for what I want to change in my life. I guess that explains why I’ve started writing about New Year’s Resolutions already.

Some readers may find it too early, but since in reality, Goal Setting can be done anytime of year, today is as good a time as any to start thinking about it!

Maybe it’s just that the New Year brings with it the feeling of a new start. Businesses, particularly in the health and weight loss industry, have taken advantage of it in a big way… Starting a diet, joining a gym, buying various DVD packages or books are advertised heavily to promote New Year’s Resolutions.

January or February, as noted by one of TNHMe readers, may not be the best time of year to start working on a Resolution actually. Colder climates, post-Holiday slumps both emotional and financial, back to work and back to school, make it more difficult to get excited about a new Goal.

That’s why I start preparing early.

The ideas develop over a few weeks. I research, I discuss with friends and family, I strategize… I come up with keywords that may become the theme of my year. I give my thoughts time to grow on me. How comfortable am I with this direction? How excited am I getting about the ideas?

This is how I make sure, more consciously now than ever before, that I WANT to set THIS (or THESE) Goal(s).

Do you want to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions today? Take a walk to think, browse in the Internet and see what your fingers end up typing, listen to some music or open some magazines and let your thoughts wonder… Where are they taking you? What transformation do you WANT to see in your life? Which mental image is getting you excited about starting a new adventure?

Stay tuned… Part 2 will reveal more of what I do.



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