Waking up to your AWESOMENESS!

As you may already know, TheNewHappyMe path is not an all-happy, joyous, giddy, no challenge in sight type of path. It has its ups and downs.

So why is it Happy? Because it invites you to breathe in each moment in appreciation, knowing that each step in the present offers you the opportunity to be the best that you can be.

Why am I writing deep talk all of a sudden? LOL  That’s because I want to inspire each of TheNewHappyMe readers to move forward on their personal path, knowing that TheNewHappyMe attitude is all it takes to live a life rich in love, in a healthy body, an ambitious mind and an awesome soul, happy and grateful for every single moment we have been given.

I have stepped away from blogging for a little while now. I’m not retiring, far from it! I am gearing up for bigger and greater things!

I had to take a rest to rediscover myself. That’s also part of TheNewHappyMe and what I suggest to my Coaching clients. With each change and transition in life, we are invited to follow this route within the forests of our subconscious. Sometimes the trees that branch out to become the complicated webs of our beliefs, have their roots in soils that have been kept hidden under shadows created by our perceptions and experiences. There comes a time where some exploring is required.

When things aren’t going quite the way we want them, when frustrations, anger or pain arise, it is time to follow that route. It is the unlikely choice at this fork on your path, as it isn’t the prettiest, the most familiar looking… it is rather dark, gloomy, with a heaviness in the air that sometimes makes it hard to breathe. Yet it is the best choice.

That route allows you to get your hands dirty. Touch that soil, feel it, see what it is made of to better understand the branches and leaves created by its nourishment. When you acknowledge the fact that the soil may have been contaminated, that’s when you can neutralize the elements and focus on fertilizing your trees with a new, fresh and inspiring source. You will now be able to go back to the original path with beautiful beliefs that will lead the way to GREATNESS.

In Coaching, as clients and mentors, we take our paths through forks, we encourage exploring through the unknown and we bring ourselves to our AWESOMENESS!

So that’s what last month looked like for me! Now I feel AWESOME!
Here’s a video I love to watch (I love the lyrics) to remind me of how far I’ve come and how much more I will do in this lifetime!



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