Waiting to get inspired?

“Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

Do you have a goal in mind that never seems to move forward?

What do you think is stalling it?

Do you think you are lacking ideas, resources, inspiration to pull it all together?

I’ll ask you another question, a harder one to answer, with your permission…

In all honesty - because you deserve 100% truthfulness to yourself – have you been putting in all the work that your project requires?

I am lead to write this today because I am exhausted. You know, TNHMe doesn’t always have to be in top shape, with a huge smile, ready to tackle any and all challenges… I am however 110% certain that I am on the right path, that my efforts are more than worth it for the direction I have taken, that obstacles such as fatigue, frustration or overwhelm only serve to strengthen me further, that I deserve the investment of time and energy I am putting on this and that once it is done, I will be content, excited and eager to continue learning and growing more!

I have set a relatively big goal with several milestones to work on within a 6-12 month timeframe. I have several reasons for wanting to make my project come to life (beyond what already exists through TheNewHappyMe.com), including my passion for the concept and ultimately my purpose.

I truly believe in the value of Edison’s quote, although I would replace the word Genius by Success… Inspiration came to me at the very beginning. It brought together dreams of childhood and feelings of doing the right thing. It was the idea, the combination of thoughts that made up the visual of a dream. It probably had a lifespan of less than an hour, although the memory of the excitement brought by inspiration still helps to fill my bucket to this day. From then on it has been all work. My friends can vouch for this.


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