Visualizing my dream

I really enjoy visualizing beautiful things I would like to have in my life. I think it is a very powerful method of bringing into your life all the things you desire. Here’s why:

  • The images are so wonderful, they motivate you to do something about it, to actually bring the visual to life.
  • Visualizing something that makes you feel happy is positive and will help erase negative thoughts looming behind.
  • The images give your brain the message of an objective your are setting, making it work towards a solution.
  • According to the law of attraction, your visualization attracts the like, therefore helps move your environment to make your image come to life
  • While creating your plan, visualizing helps to shape your desire into something more concrete and almost real.
  • If you are still in the discovery stage, trying to find what would really make you happy, visualization is a good way to let your mind wander and feel what could be the happy spot your looking for.

On a day like today, rest day, I still like to be productive. Visualization, as an exercise, allows me to motivate myself for work I have planned for my week, for the next steps towards the accomplishment of my dream, one image at a time.


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