Vision Boards to Stimulate Thought

I love using Vision Boards and Journal Writing hand in hand for goal setting and milestone achievement.
Why?  Because the images of the Vision Board stimulate my thought process and allow my mind to come up with a string of new ideas and opportunities.  That’s all you need to take your next steps forward, right?

Once the Vision Board is created and you have a better idea of where you want to go, you still have to decide how to get there. You have to look for opportunities, you have to try different steps to see which one gets you to destination.  Sometimes, you may have a clear intention of a step you need to take, but no clue where to go from there… Images and words together are my suggested tools to help find the right path.

Last year, I was determined to make some changes in my life. I was decided to take on a challenge and learn something new. What I would learn, where or how were still mysteries to me.

My Vision Board included a picture of books and a sign post pointing in various directions, an image that represented different orientations I could potentially decide to follow. I also put the word “Decisions” right on top of that picture. No actual decision was specified on my Vision Board.

In fact, I remained clueless for more than 3 months into the year. I knew I wanted to do something, but didn’t know what. Using the images to try to get clearer on my intentions, I wrote and wrote.  My Journal notes revealed some ideas that I used to discuss with my family and friends. Soon enough, I started making some decisions, researching ideas and building a business plan. By October, I had started this website.

My thoughts allowed me to brainstorm new ideas and to find open doors. The inspiration initially came from the images I decided to post on my Vision Board. Hand in hand, both tools came in quite handy to help me reach my objective.  Now I have a hobby I really enjoy, that allows me to do more of what I write about, offers me oportunities to learn and find new challenges and that will eventually help me build a business! WOW!


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