Vision Boards to keep your focus

Vision Boards are an amazing tool to keep your focus on the goals you want to reach. Without focus, you lose direction. Keeping your eyes, your mind and your entire self focused on your objective is the only way to reach it.

The Vision Board you have created allows you to keep focus in several ways.

First, you chose images that caught your attention and will continue appealing to you during your journey. These images spoke to you and got you excited about your path, your challenges and your achievement. As you revisit your Vision Board daily, the images will reignite those feelings and get you all hyped again about tackling the tasks at hand to get one step closer to your goals.

The placement of your Board is also of prime importance. You have to place it on a wall that you will bump into often, very often! Your bedroom is a great spot for a large board. Seeing your Vision Board the minute you step out of bed and just before you go to sleep is an excellent way of keeping your attention and focus on your priorities.  Placing the Board where you will notice it and be able to take a few minutes to look at the images and read your power words, will allow you to keep your focus on the goals at hand.

Just like athletes that focus on the finish line, the medal or the trophy, you will focus on your achievement. The Vision Board will remind you of the  images and power words you chose to represent the completion of your goals, the excitement and the exhilaration of success!


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