Vision Boards as a tool for Happiness

You may be wondering how all these articles filled with so much detail about Vision Boards can relate the TheNewHappyMe and our quest for happiness.  It’s quite simple actually and there are multiple reasons. Here are 4 very obvious ones:

  1. A Vision Board is filled with images that make you happy.
  2. Seeing these images on the Vision Board frequently bring your thoughts to a happy place each time.
  3. TheNewHappyMe path involves setting goals to be happy and reaching them. The Vision Board helps us set goals.
  4. Reaching the goals on your Vision Board one by one is highly motivating and source of happiness.

Are these reasons punchy enough to convince the grouchy ones among us to get cracking on creating a Vision Board? I sure hope so!

This year, I created my 10th Vision Board in 10 years. I always create one to start the New Year. I’ve gotten my children into it as well. They love the exercise and enjoy it tremendously. We all get something out of it and really take pleasure in doing it as a family.

I hope you have or will be doing yours as well! 
More articles on how to benefit from the experience to come…


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