Vision Boards: A Family Project

As you may already know, I always make the Vision Board project a family affair. I make sure we have all the materials we need, ample space for 3 large boards and sometimes even music for ambiance. Oh, and not to forget, lots of time. You don’t want to rush through this exercise.

My children and I reserve a full day for this. We have so much fun looking for images and asking eachother opinion on goals and images that would best describe the individual goals, keywords to find the images online, or how to place them on the board to keep it clean and user-friendly.

My kids are 12 and 8. They have both been working on their Vision Boards with me for 4 years now. As you may suspect, both have gained experience over the years and are producing boards that better reflect their personalities. TheĀ overall look of the boards also reflect their respective age of course. I am so proud of their effort to create boards that they will use throughout the year. They have learned to organize their thoughts, to express themselves and to think more deeply about what really matters to them. Our presentations to eachother once we have all finished our boards is an amazing experience that gives me fuzzies each time!

As a family project, you can use the Vision Board as a tool to communicate, to learn about each other and from eachother. I believe it is a tremendously beneficial way to start the year and to continue in the same positive path with your family too! Involve your family in TheNewHappyMe path too… they’ll love it!


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