Vision Boards – Powerful, Inspiring and Fun!


New Years Resolution TipsThe New Happy Me LOVES Vision Boards!

Vision Boards offer you an amazing tool…

  • to set goals for the New Year.
  • to visualize the outcome you dream of.
  • to keep your mind on what is important to you day in and day out.
  • to teach your children how to work towards success, something they don’t learn in school.
  • to discover yourself and connect with your children, as you express your deepest dreams through creativity.
  • to work on your life dreams, important, serious and LOTS OF FUN! offers dozens of articles about Vision Boards!

Do you know what Vision Boards are all about already?
Then go to this page to find out how you can use it
to REALLY transform your life!

The Power of Vision Boards

I have been using Vision Boards for 10 years now. I am amazed at how well I have been able to keep my promise to myself through my Vision Boards year after year. Read the article about my experience with Vision Boards and Goal Setting.  I’ve even introduced Vision Boards at work

This was my 2011 Vision Board.

Finding Inspiration through your Vision Board

A Vision Board is filled with images of what you want your life to look like in the coming year (or even shorter term). It is a visual of the outcome you will reach out for. Working on expressing yourself with images brings Inspiration! It opens up your mind to all the solutions you need to work your way to reach your goals!  Find Inspiration through special words as well and paste them on your Vision Board. Find the perfect spot for your Vision Board and get inspired daily!!


Vision Boards to have Fun!

Goal Setting should be a fun and exciting project. Vision Board making gives it that flavor with vibrant colors and images to have you dreaming! Share the experience with friends by putting together a  Vision Board Party!

Making Vision Boards is also a great way to connect with your loved-ones, your spouse and especially your children. In this day and age, you know how difficult it is to communicate with each other. We hardly take the time to try to understand one another. Vision Boards are particularly fun to work on as a family project!  Even the most skeptical teens will give it a try as a creative project. Check out our video from Jan 4, 2011 where I got my kids to work on their own Vision Board and present it to the camera!


Create your own Vision Board Today!

Here is an invitation for you, to not only create your own Vision Board, but to connect with your children, your spouse, your friends and maybe just yourself, by holding your own Vision Board Party! Click here to see why you should hold your own Vision Board Party ASAP!

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