Vision Board to set annual goals

You have your board with all your images randomly spread out on it;  now you have to figure out what you are going to do with all this mess!!

The idea of finding and cutting out the images first is meant to offer you a chance to brainstorm before you settle for your final version.  The collection of images should speak to you before you start pasting any of it. This is a great vision board technique if you are a beginner at goal setting and following objectives to completion.

Now that you have allowed your thoughts to flow freely, you can look at the main ideas that arise from your creative brainstorming and set your goals. Sometimes, when we are unsure of what our goals should be, our creative minds will spill out all kinds of ideas that we can narrow down to the key points that require our attention right now. When writing doesn’t come easy, images tend to be easier to relate to and manipulate. Once you have chosen the images you really like, you can continue to work on your goals.

Take a journal (better than just a piece of paper) and write down what each of the images mean to you. What are your goals for the year?  Here are some examples:

  • an apple with a measuring tape around it – diet and fitness for weight loss – lose 20lbs
  • a journal with a pen on top + a computer + image of books on a shelf – write and publish my first novel
  • a dollar sign + a corner office with large windows – get a promotion and raise
  • a red sports car – buy that car
  • a beach with hamac hanging from 2 palm trees – go on a relaxing trip to a sun destination
  • a man and a woman holding hands + 2 wedding bands + 2 red candles on a dinner table set for a romantic dinner for 2 – find my soul mate

These are just some examples of how your images can relate to an achievement. Notice how all the images are visuals of the wonderful outcomes that you want to see by the end of the year. They all seem realistic (will depend on your personal situation). However they all require actions… these won’t just materialize out of nowhere! That’s where goal setting comes in and works hand in hand with your Vision Board.

Setting goals is a whole other topic to be covered at a later date. There are many books available to help you write and follow-through with your goals. Michael Masterson’s The Pledge is my personal favourite.

For now, you have your board images, but don’t paste them yet. There is just one more step before you do.

NEXT: Adding words to your Vision Board to add to its inspirational power.


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